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  • What is High Grow Plus?
  • High Grow Plus is the leading height growth supplement on the market today. It is sold all over India and has over six thousand satisfied customers’ who’ve seen dramatic results in their height. High Grow Plus is developed and produced in a certified GMP lab in India and is clinically proven to add real inches to your overall height in a matter of weeks. Both men and women of any age can take High Grow Plus, and you don’t even need a prescription from your doctor.
  • Does High Grow Plus work on anyone who takes it?
  • Through our research and clinical studies on High Grow Plus, men and women between the ages of 16 and 28 were tested and there was a 92% success rate. Keep in mind that people over the age of 28 will still see an increase in their height, but it could take longer than 1 to 3 months. During our clinical studies, both men and women saw an increase in their height up to 6 inches in only 3 to 6 months; please visit this page to know more about How High Grow Works in detail.

  • What are the causes for growth disorders?
  • Many people experience stunted growth disorders and it is caused by many different reasons. Some people stop growing at a young age because they suffer from a disease, and others may stop growing due to a poor diet or malnutrition. People who have heart and lung diseases as well as those who have diabetes can experience stunted growth.
  • What ingredients are used in Heigh Grow Plus?
  • Through years of fine tuning and perfecting our height growing formulation, High Grow Plus contains rare blend of ayurvedic herbs that help with your height growth process. Several ingredients include Ashwagandha, Vidhari Kandha, Halo, Mulethi etc, visit this page to know more details about Ingredients used in High Grow Plus.
  • How long i have to take High Grow capsules to achieve my desired height?
  • At Satyam Ayurveda, we recommend people taking Heigh Grow Plus for three to nine months to achieve maximum gains in their height. You need to remember that your body needs to build up a steady concentration of our special height growing formulation to boost your HGH and IGF-1 levels to a point where you will start to grow again. The best part is you won’t experience any side effects when you take High Grow Plus because it’s made from natural ayurvedic ingredients.
  • What age should I start taking the pills?
  • The ideal age to start is prior to your adolescent growth start, usually between age 11-19. But High Grow Plus is found equally effective for ages (19-35) years to maximize their height.
  • How High Grow is better then the other products available in the market?
  • High Grow Plus is the ONLY ayurvedic height enhancer product that has been formulated rationally through the consultative standardized following ayurvedic pharmacopoeial committee (APC), Ministry of Ayush, Govt of India, Guidelines. Please note that we do not use (Growth Hormones) in our products.
  • Is it required to exercise along with Ayurvedic capsules High Grow Plus?
  • Yes, if you do exercises along with High Grow Plus capsules it will give you enhanced results and will help you to grow synergistically. Apart from doing exercises, having good nutritious diet and balanced lifestyle will yield good results within short amount of time.
  • Is High Grow Plus Safe to consume ?
  • Yes, High Grow Plus is made in India. To ensure the highest standards of quality, this has been formulated rationally through the consultative standardized following ayurvedic pharmacopoeial committee (APC), Ministry of Ayush, Govt of India, so it is completely safe to consume.
  • Does High Grow Plus have any side effects?
  • No, High Grow Plus capsules are prepared by 100 % pure ayurvedic ingredients. There are no chemicals added in our formulation. Thus, it does not cause any side effects in the body.
  • Will I grow proportionally?
  • Yes, using High Grow Plus your body will grow proportionally and in order, you will look just like you do now, only taller.
  • When should I stop taking High Grow Plus?
  • Your may stop taking the High Grow Plus capsules when you are satisfied with the results and do not wish to gain height further. All of the height you gain is permanent.
  • How much height gain can I expect when using High Grow Plus?
  • High Grow Plus is the revolutionary breakthrough product will help you to maximize height with the goal of adding 1-6 inches to your final adult height. This height is above and beyond what your natural height before starting High Grow Plus.
  • Does High Grow Plus contain HGH (Human Growth Hormone)?
  • No, HGH is dangerous to use without supervision of a medical doctor. High Grow Plus contains NO HGH. High Grow Plus is pure ayurvedic and is 100% safe and effective, approved by the Ayush Department of India.
  • Can I take High Grow Plus with other supplements?
  • Yes, as High Plus is safe ayurvedic product, you take it with other health supplements including whey protein, creatine, and vitamin pills just to name a few, but it is recommended to you consult with your doctor before starting any supplement.
  • Is it safe to order online?
  • We fully understand the need for security when making online purchases. We utilize the most advanced encryption processing systems currently available to assure that your purchase will be safe; you may also choose COD option to pay by cash at the time of the delivery.
  • When will I receive my order?
  • Your order is processed and sent out the next business day. You should expect to receive it within 2-3 business days if located and Delhi and within 5-7 days if located in other city.
  • What forms of payment can I use for High Grow?
  • We accept all major credit cards/Debit Cards, if you are not comfortable ordering online you may order your medicine one phone, out customer care executive will assist you with your order.
  • How will this show up on my credit card statement?
  • Credit card charges will appear on your statement as "Satyam Ayurveda"
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