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High Grow Plus® is a revolutionary breakthrough product manufactured by Satyam Ayurveda using rare and premium herbal extracts for guaranteed potency, High Grow Plus powerful herbal formula is very helpful in enhancing height and overall growth of the body. It also improves body posture, regenerates bone growth, improves flexibility and helps growth in joints, cartilages and disc.

How It Works

  • Bone expansion and growing taller occurs at the growth plate in your bones.
  • Growth plates are only open during childhood and teenage years.
  • During age 23, your growth plates close making further height progress not possible.
  • Your bones require particular amounts of proteins, minerals and vitamins to grow to their maximum length.
  • High Grow Plus® provides your bones with best amounts nutrients to enhance their growth.

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High Grow Plus Effectively Targets 6 Main Area of Growth

  • Regenerate Bone Growth

    Regenerate Bone Growth

    By naturally producing healthy nutrients in body, which helps in bone regeneration

  • Improves Height & Posture

    Improves Height & Posture

    By supplying the body with all the vitamins and minerals required to grow taller

  • Improves Flexibility & Overall Health

    Improves Flexibility & Overall Health

    By improving blood circulation, increasing blood flow to your muscles

  • Makes Spine Lengthy and Strong

    Makes Spine Lengthy and Strong

    By providing all the key nutrients required to make spine healthy and strong

  • Growth in Joints, Cartilages and Disc

    Growth in Joints, Cartilages and Disc

    Promotes joint, cartilage and bone health with powerful ingredients for greater freedom of movement

  • Makes Bones Thick and Strong

    Makes Bones Thick and Strong

    By providing optimum dose of calcium, magnesium and minerals required for strong and healthy bones

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Product Ingredients

High Grow Plus is the rare combination of fourteen ayurvedic extracts and minerals (Bhasmas) which are completely safe to use and have completely no side effects whatsoever. High Grow Plus ingredients collectively work towards increasing your height and helping you grow taller. Here is a basic list of High Grow Plus ingredients, their sources and their attributes:

  • Ashwagandha


  • Vidari Kanda

    Vidari Kanda

  • Amla


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